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Nash Guitars

Nash Guitars Distortion Pedal

Nash Guitars Distortion Pedal

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The NGDP is made to emulate vintage fuzz and overdrive pedals. While its design is inspired by the Seamoon Fresh Fuzz, we’ve added an extra circuit and knob to give the player more control over the overall tone.

The NGDP is versatile and responsive. The LEVEL, TONE, and DRIVE knobs are very receptive to even minescule increments of adjustment. Like the best vintage class A amplifiers, each control impacts the character and application of the others. Play it with your amp clean, dirty, or in between. You will find a unique array of useable tones for each combination of input parameters.

Each pedal is handmade here at Nashguitars.

The LEVEL control is a 50k audio taper. This knob controls the overall output volume of the pedal.

The TONE control is a 100k linear taper. This knob controls the frequency contour of the pedal. Possible tones range from warm-and-tweedy smooth, all the way to biting-in-your-face brightness, ideally suited for leads. Many find a notch, or sweet spot on the tone control somewhere between 11:00-1:00 as a clock stands.

The GAIN control is a 50K audio taper. This knob controls the amount of gain produced by the pedal. Possibilities range from just a little bark, to super saturated fuzz.

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