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Jackson Custom Shop Master Built Red Dave Bass IV Figured Ash

Jackson Custom Shop Master Built Red Dave Bass IV Figured Ash

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Fellow bass enthusiasts! Have you seen the latest addition to the Jackson bass family? This Custom Shop Bass, built by Master Builder Red Dave, is a true masterpiece that's bound to elevate your playing experience to a whole new level.

Crafted with precision and artistry, this bass is a testament to the legacy of Jackson's commitment to quality and innovation. The exquisite design, featuring a stunning Tobacco Burst finish, catches the eye and sets the stage on fire. But this bass is more than just looks – it's all about the sound and performance.

This Red Dave Master Built Bass is built to deliver unparalleled tonal versatility. The combination of high-quality tonewoods and expert craftsmanship ensures that every note you play resonates with clarity and richness. Whether you're slapping, popping, fingerpicking, or using a pick, this bass responds beautifully to your playing style.

Equipped with top-of-the-line pickups and electronics, the Red Dave Bass lets you explore a wide range of tones. From punchy and aggressive to warm and smooth, you can dial in the perfect sound for any genre or musical setting. And let's not forget about the impeccable playability – the neck feels like a dream, allowing you to effortlessly navigate the fretboard with precision.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a budding bassist, this Master Built Bass is designed to inspire and empower your musical journey. Get ready to rock the stage, lay down killer grooves, and make a statement with this extraordinary instrument.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the specs below and elevate your bass game with this Jackson Red Dave Master Built Bass and unleash your true potential.



Body Style: Handedness: Number of Strings:

Concert Bass IV Right-Handed 4


Bridge Type: Jackson Bass - High Mass - 4 String - Black Nut Type: Bone Retainer: None Tailpiece: None

Pickup Route: Bridge Pickup: Bridge Pickup Mount: Middle Pickup: Middle Pickup Mount: Neck Pickup: Neck Pickup Mount:


Double Humbucker
HB - Clean Mount - Screws and Foam None
HB - Clean Mount - Screws and Foam


Bolt-On, Scarf Joint In-Line Pointy Quartersawn Maple Rosewood - Bass 1/4" Dots

White 21 Frets

Graphite DA Bass
34" Scale
1-5/8" - 2-7/16" (Bass IV) Red Dave Bass Compound 12" to 16" None

Jumbo 4 String Bass White


Control Layout: VOL Pot: Active Pickups TONE Pot: Active Pickups

Custom - See Notes
VOL Knob: Black Dome

Qty: 1

Qty: 3 Cover: None

TONE Knob: Black Dome Pickup Switch: Custom Selector Tip: None

Output Jack: Strap Buttons: Tuning Keys:

Oval - Side of Body - Black Standard 17mm - Black Hipshot - Bass - Black - RH

Truss Rod Cover: String Gauge:

Preamp: None

Blk-Wht-Blk (Standard) Bass 4 String 45 to 110

Killswitch: None
Tuning: Standard A440 - E A D G B E

Misc. None


Body Wood: Body Top: Pickguard: Control Cavity:

Battery Cavity: Bolt-On Heel Blend:

Custom Body Carve: Trem Cover:

Figured Ash
None, Rear-Loaded Controls LGRC

Standard 4 Bolt Heel None


Color: Tobacco Burst
Top Coat: Polyester Headstock : Black

Neck Finish: Oiled Neck Logo Style: 80's 100% White CS: Yes

Case: Hardshell Tolex Concert Bass
End Caps: Foam G&G Large Case Candy: JCS Cert 

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