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Graph Tech White TUSQ XL Sleek String Trees

Graph Tech White TUSQ XL Sleek String Trees

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The PQL-7004-00 is a great option to replace the metal string trees on your Fender-style guitar or any guitar with string trees.

The height can be sanded down and an extra short screw is provided.

Strings that get stuck when you bend notes or use the tremolo go out of tune. These string trees are made from TUSQ XL and are impregnated with PTFE to permanently lubricate the strings and let them glide back into a tune after string bends and tremolo use.

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Setup & Inspected

At Matt's Guitars, each guitar undergoes meticulous setup and inspection procedures before it leaves our hands. Our team of skilled technicians ensures that every instrument meets our high standards of playability, tone, and craftsmanship. From adjusting the action to fine-tuning intonation, we strive to deliver guitars that exceed expectations.
Our setups include: New strings, truss rod adjustment, file nut slots, intonation adjustment, tuner & hardware tightening, string height adjustment, set bridge height, set saddle radius, balance & adjust tremolo, set pickup height, body polish, clean fretboard, fret polish, finger board moisturizer, electrical inspection, and other things depending on the guitar.