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Graph Tech

Graph Tech Ratio Electric locking Tuners 3x3 Black

Graph Tech Ratio Electric locking Tuners 3x3 Black

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RATIO Machine Heads are a high performance transmission for your guitar. The core tension of every string is different, each requiring a unique gear ratio to deliver tuning perfection. RATIO’s

patented gear technology delivers premium tuning performance every time by giving each string its own specific tuning gear.


We've tuned the gear ratios to each string position so that every string responds the same to any tuning adjustment. You get fine tuning on the thicker core strings and coarser tuning on the thinner core; anywhere from 12:1 to 39:1 gear ratio. With Ratio®, one turn is about one tone change on all strings, making tuning, retuning and open tunings easier, quicker and more intuitive.

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