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Bare Knuckle

Bare Knuckle Ragnarok Humbucker Set Battleworn Chrome

Bare Knuckle Ragnarok Humbucker Set Battleworn Chrome

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“The Ragnarok is aggressive. In a way, it is a response to the very balanced nature of the Juggernaut. I wanted once again to work with both Tim and Nolly to create a pickup that I felt hadn't been made yet, this time aiming for the more angry and compressed side of the spectrum. The Ragnarok has a full tone and is in-your-face with any picking dynamic. The eq is balanced to the point where you won't lose the low mids in favour of the top end. It blends the best attributes of what contemporary passive and active pickups offer in a convenient package”.

Misha Mansoor.

“The Ragnarok fulfils a seemingly impossible remit - a chunky, fat sounding pickup that’s also devastatingly tight and aggressive; a hot ceramic pickup with a smooth top end and incredible clarity. Even the cleans and low gain tones have a fantastic voice. I didn’t think this could be done!”

Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood

“The prime role of the Ragnarok is to produce overdriven tones. And that’s what we’ve created. Working with Misha and Adam is always intense and demanding but above all else creative, and a lot of fun. Moving to the next stage in the evolution of Misha’s signature pickup range was always going to be a challenge…one we’ve risen to and exceeded”.

Tim Mills

The end of all things…or just the beginning. The next step in progressive rock and metal tone.

Ragnarok is here.

Ragnarok is now.

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