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Bare Knuckle

Bare Knuckle CTS 280k Potentiometer

Bare Knuckle CTS 280k Potentiometer

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Our Bare Knuckle Custom Audio Taper 280K CTS standard shaft potentiometers. These pots feature a smooth torque and +/- 10% tolerance and are specially made for Bare Knuckle by CTS. These custom CTS280K pots are best used in Strats® and Teles®.

Circlip fitted to shaft for increased durability.

30% audio taper: a smoother, more linear roll-off for greater fine-tuning control, particularly in the lower half of the range of the dial.

We recommend these 280k pots for use in conjunction with our Strat and Tele single coils, in both volume and tone positions.

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