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Froggy Bottom

Froggy Bottom D12 Deluxe Left Handed Sitka/Mahogany

Froggy Bottom D12 Deluxe Left Handed Sitka/Mahogany

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*Has original hardcase, and cuts right through the mix with it's sweet projection!

The Froggy Bottom D12 is our version of the original 12-fret Dreadnought design – a not-too-distant cousin of the Froggy D14. A requested model since 1971, this traditional 12-fret, slope-shouldered dreadnought has the powerful bottom end common to dreadnoughts, while retaining the power and clarity of the D-14 across its range. The Froggy Bottom D-12 brings an interesting and complex range of overtones to the table, tonal qualities that it shares with other Froggy Bottom 12-fret designs.

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