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Fishman Fluence Signature Series Will Adler 6-String Pickup Set

Fishman Fluence Signature Series Will Adler 6-String Pickup Set

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“Fishman Fluence is a whole new world for electric guitar pickups. The crispness and clarity are incredible and unlike anything I’ve experienced before. It feels like the guitar plays itself!”– Will Adler, Lamb of God

For over 20 years, Will Adler’s solid rhythm tone has been the backbone of Lamb of God. It took something totally new and significant for Will to make a change in his setup. Fluence has proven itself to be that “thing,” the only technology capable of seamlessly integrating the time honored passive tones that Will is known for, with a Modern Active attack, all in the same pickup.

The Will Adler Signature Set combines the Classic neck pickup with a crushing Ceramic bridge pickup hybrid, combining the passive attack and dynamics, and flux chaos Will loves from the poles with the smoother, more even response of the blade. Voice 1 is a thick, old school passive distortion friendly tone, while Voice 2 handles the higher octane, active/boosted tones that push an amp into total saturation. The vintage gold finish matches Will’s aged hardware.

Fluence Signature Series Will Adler Pickup Voicings:

Voice 1: Will’s favorite passive tone plus all the clarity and note definition that only Fluence can deliver.

Voice 2: Like the original Modern Fluence, but with a tweaked low end response and magnet structure for a more passive feel.

Fluence Signature Series Will Adler Pickup Set Includes:

  • 1 ceramic pickup (bridge position) and 1 alnico pickup (neck or middle position)

  • All components required to achieve

  • Will’s wiring scheme (minus pickup selector)

  • Volume and Tone pots

  • Push-pull Voice Selector pot for use in Volume or Tone position

  • All wiring required for installation

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